The risk of focusing on what feels right

Marcio S Galli
3 min readJun 29, 2021

Advancing projects by picking activities easier to perform is a sort of automatic execution strategy. It’s natural to continue to optimize for execution. But when the matter is achieving goals, especially when there is learning involved, you can’t depend on stepping on the right stones.

Focusing on the activities that flow better may not be as bad, from a management perspective, if the roadmap involves execution for the things that you know how to execute. But what if you are working on a different project that demands learning something totally new? What if you fall into a step that does not resonate with that good beat and causes discomfort?

This situation depends on careful planning, especially when your end goal is associated with high expectations. Another way of operating suggests that you develop support for yourself — as a developer, as an entrepreneur, as a student. Independently of your role, consider progressing with your goals, embracing the fact that the road ahead will have ups and downs. You want your worker to feel calmer when you pass through the woods, again and again.

Let’s consider our tendency to stick with execution about what feels right. As we step into activities, we may enjoy adding fire to the things that work.

Photo by stephen momot on Unsplash

But the work version of that may not be as visible. It may be that you are simply overproducing in a flow that can’t be stopped. The idea of stopping that fast train, a highly productive engine, can be counterintuitive from a management perspective. The performant executor in this story does not recognize that you are the same resource that should be ready to face other challenges, such as difficult things that demands planning and organization.

Of course, you don’t want to chose to step over bad stones or jump into dark waters for the sport of doing it. But as you cross the river, keep in mind that you need a strategy for the long journey that inevitably comes with uncertain and complex tasks. When you are coordinating your entrepreneurial path, develop a management narrative that gives you shock absorbers to the willingness to always be winning.


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