Developing your observation and reflective writing skills

As entrepreneurs, we will stumble at challenging situations, at things that may present themselves like big storms. When living in these situations, how we perceive these storms can affect our sight.

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Some successful entrepreneurs may seem to have full control — as if they had a card of answers. But in reality, they can be skilled in the ability to listen and reason, even when things are very critical.

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Ideally, we could learn what to do if we could put ourselves at a safe distance of problems.

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And it would be interesting to be able to see from above — our goal in this talk.

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But we are always in a hurry.

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And living in urgently these situations, the modern world of opportunities (and solutions) does not help. There are just too many services, people, solutions, ideas; to any problem.

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To improve our ability to deal with problems, we may consider a dual reporting structure that helps to be there and to see from above.

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Observing, as in meditating, is an exercise that we need to start doing. We need to separate time for this.

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After observing, we should develop our ability to reflect, to be able to separate feelings from other information. You can do this using writing.

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These skills can work. But in reality, especially in tough situations, our feelings can create distractions and prevent us from being able to observe and reason.

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One other technique can be handy. We can choose to exercise these skills looking at the problems of others, not ours.

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If we engage in observation and reasoning for the problems of others, without being there, we will be practicing the art like a reporter.

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In this context, from observation to reflection, we should rely on systems and tools. We can write, edit, map with other references, add the viewpoint from others, and collaborate.

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These exercises should prepare you when you are on your road, and especially when you face problems. You will be there though you will remember to look at the compass.

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And it’s not a compass that gives the right exit or an off-the-shelf solution. It’s a compass in the sense that you know that these exercises can guide you. knowing you have learned how to use these tools will leave your mind rested; because you need to preserve reasoning when fires are coming your way.

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Let’s build the next generation of founders

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