January 21st — User Innovation Day- Because User Innovation is All Around Us!

Marcio S Galli
2 min readJan 21, 2021


I hereby define — January 21st as the User Innovation Day. 01/21/2021 sounds like the right number to celebrate the human ability to change their environment. Let’s celebrate the phenomenon — this is not a joke by the way.

To enjoy this party and celebrate the moment, please watch the following teaser about MIT folks’ User Innovation. And remember, user innovation it’s all around us.

When I think about user innovation, I think about category design. Category Design is all around us, too, but it’s no easy task, as Play Bigger authors show.

I invite you to reflect on user innovation — in your way. But if you want to read about the phenomenon and related ideas, please check User Innovation. You may consider the research from Eric von Hippel (Democratizing Innovation and Free Innovation).

To conclude, a few words about these weird things that different people do — and how we may feel when we first see them. The first is from The Power Makers — a book by historian Maury Klein. Consider when the first locomotives started to appear:

An Ohio school board warned in 1828 that “if God has designed that His intelligent creatures should travel at the frighful speed of 25 miles an hour by steam, He would have foretold it through His holy prophets. It is a device of Satan to lead immortal souls down to Hell. — The Power Makers

The other is a note from Brian Chesky (AIRBNB cofounder and CEO) from the Blitzscaling lectures. For Brian, “all these really good ideas or big ideas often sound like stupid ideas.” and “If it’s any good, everyone will dismiss it.” https://youtu.be/W608u6sBFpo?t=566

My name is Marcio S Galli — I am a Brazilian entrepreneur, a former employee of Silicon Valley companies like Netscape, AOL, Yahoo! and Mozilla. Please visit my personal web site at mgalli @ mgalli.com.