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  • Ryan Wiemer

    Ryan Wiemer

    Oakland, CA based account manager working in the web industry.

  • Melissa Nightingale

    Melissa Nightingale

    editor of https://mfbt.ca. startup warrior since the first dotcom. partner @rawsignalgroup. top writer #management #leadership #startups

  • Johnathan Nightingale

    Johnathan Nightingale

    Editor of https://mfbt.ca. Partner @rawsignalgroup. Board @creativecommons. Former CPO @Hubba, GM @Firefox. Dad. | It’s all made of people.

  • Ann Crady Weiss

    Ann Crady Weiss

    CEO and cofounder at Hatch.co, Venture Partner at True Ventures

  • Tumin Sharma

    Tumin Sharma

    Goes to school

  • Paolo Dotta

    Paolo Dotta

    Co-founder @Altar.io

  • Elizabeth Dawber

    Elizabeth Dawber

    English Literature & Creative Writing Grad. MWC Semi-Finalist. Former Editor @ The Startup. Helping You Write Fiction Like A Pro. Off-Grid — Back in August.

  • Michael Dearing

    Michael Dearing

    Founder of Harrison Metal, a seed-stage venture capital firm and exec education space. I like all animals more than I like most people.

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