The fight to get out from the professional frame

The task: create a digital image of a map using Photoshop

The final artwork of the area map using porcelain clay and post-production editing using Photoshop.

Through the next sections, I will guide you through the stages of this big battle.

Stage 0 — the common path

Stage 1 — synchronicity

Stage 2 —uncharted waters vs the known path of Photoshop

Stage 3 — shopping time

  • This makes no sense!
  • Wow, I didn’t know that clay was that expensive!
  • Such a waste of time!
  • Why am I in the children’s section?

Stage 4 — actually playing

  • This is what playing looks like.
  • Yes, this is a fake process.
  • This time-wasting effort will undoubtedly yield results — an ugly and unprofessional work.
  • Not even Photoshop work can fix this.
On the left, two sets of two buildings. On the right, helicopters and a coffee mug.

Stage 5 —something different ahead

Modeling smaller objects would produce even worse results!

Stage 6 — random art meets the professional




Let’s build the next generation of founders

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Marcio S Galli

Marcio S Galli

Let’s build the next generation of founders

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