Agile for the Known Product and Problem but Unknown Solution (Feat Eric Ries) @ 21:29s

Marcio S Galli
1 min readNov 20, 2018


“All agile methodologies have their origin inside IT departments of big companies. “ Eric Ries @ Talks at Google, 2011 21:42s

Agile is designed

  • For the situations when the problem is known but the solution is unknown;
  • Via iteration you can increase the odds of successes;

Developing based on wrong assumptions about the customer

“If you don’t know what the customer is, you don’t know what quality means. “ Eric Ries @ Talks at Google, 2011 27:49s

The process is oriented to productivity without challenging assumptions about the relationship with the customers — it assumes the customer and her needs:

  • Which bugs we have to fix versus which ones could we live without;
  • Which features needs to make release 1, and which to be postponed;


Eric Ries, 2011, The Lean Startup at Talks at Google