This approach resonates with my way of communicating - always presenting some data points hoping that the reader would join me in conclusion.

The following talk from Michael Dearing is an excellent resource about the topic with interesting examples of how people naturally writes:

MICHAEL DEARING Executive Communication w/ Harrison…

Many high performers don’t know exactly why they are high performers. They might look at them from a general overview — the successful week goes by because things are working after the sum of all that matters. But are they moving forward with the right level of consciousness about why…

When the highly productive specialist affects the founder-generalist being

I confess that I am constantly searching for the generic key that can unlock me from problems in life and open doors to great opportunities. A few months ago I found it, at least one of them. The moment of realization came out like this:

The freaking party is the…

This section is part of

Slide 130 — consider activities vs goals

When the train is moving things become challenging. This is because he or she is highly performant already. Therefore, it’s not a situation where they can hit their high-pressure breaks and, for example, replace activities to match goals.

slide 130.1 — the bottom-up approach

The bottom-up approach is an exercise that…

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